Photo Restoration & Image Repair Services

   Revive Old Times

Pictures are for lifetime but even they do change with the passage of time. Images captured by you cannot really stand the trivals of time and over a period they tend to fade or get damaged accidently, or more often they do not leave their imprint on the image holder. This is where our Photo Restoration Services comes into the picture.


Our team of highly experienced photo editors are experts in restoring your old and damaged images. We know how important your images are to you. We understand their preciousness for your business. Our team with all the know how of all the latest techniques exactly identify the flaws in the original picture and perform diligently to give the picture its original glory by the use of the state of the art technology.

Our Photo Restoration Services are comprehensive where emphasis is laid to every minute detail of the image and we perform our best to bring life to the images even if they are completely damaged by fire, water, fungus or any human error. The editors at Pix Editors have thorough knowledge to identify and rectify the damage to the picture no matter how miniscule it may be.

What is more with our Photo Restoration Services?

  • Transform the Black and White images to coloured images and vice versa.
  • Convert the images to Sepia tones, selective tints, digital hand colouring, colour matching and sequencing.
  • Get fresh colour schemes, apply dual tones and modernise the look of the image.
  • Further enhance the quality of images with colour contrasting and resequencing the images from casual to formal or formal to casuals
  • Also convert your images from glossy finish to matte or reverse.

Specialities of Pix Editors:

We can

  • Eradicate the dirt, Fold marks, Scratches, Stains, Smears, etc.
  • Remove the paleness and correcting the Colour Balance
  • Eliminate Pen, Ink or Chalk marks
  • Restore the colour shades to give authentic and new look to the image
  • Get the right Contrast, Brightness and Sharpness to the image
  • Highlight the details
  • Add the missing parts and areas from the picture.

Why you should go for Pix Editors?

We have a team of technical experts and photo editors who work for your image restoration. They are highly skilled in converting the black and white images to colored images, and colored pictures to black and white, and much more. They are well versed in their work and can lend the best effect to digital photo restoration.

Contact us now for all your Photo Restoration Services and we will give you the best deals.