Image Clipping Path Services


An image comprises of many things and not necessarily meaningful by which one often gets distracted by the unnecessary items. As a result the things that you want your customers to focus on goes unnoticed. But no need to worry when Pix Editors is with you. With our high quality Photo Clipping Services you can highlight what you want and can help your clients to focus on the main thing.


Photo Clipping Path Services is right here for you. It is a process where your desired areas in an image gets highlighted and hide the non required things thereby conveying the right message to the viewer. Photo Clipping Services are widely used in brochures, catalogues, magazines, posters, flyers and various websites.

They are used extensively by the publishers and the web developers to make the images neat, clean and clear. At Pix Editors, we have a team of expert image editors who are well experienced and talented in segregating the wanted objects from the unnecessary ones with the help of using pen tools manually. Our professionals at Pix Editors can practically create Photo Clipping Path for any kind of image depending upon the complexity of an image we have segregated the clipping path technique into various categories.

Types of Photo Clipping Services that we offer:

  • Simple Clipping involves straightening and smoothening the edges of the images
  • Complex Clipping is done with images having various curves edges and rough surfaces
  • Compound Clipping involves combination of various paths for various numbers of products or various colours.
  • Clipping path with Reflection compliments an image with mirror like reflection to provide three dimensional view.
  • Clipping path with Shadow where our experts add a drop shadow to your image to give it a realistic view to the clipped images.



  • Creating multiple paths for correcting and retouching of colours
  • Providing personalized images as back ground
  • Optional transparent background
  • Great for products that are hard edged.
  • Vector path using pen tool in the Photoshop
  • Perfect for product shots that are hard edged


How we make Clipping Paths?

Clipping path can be created very easily for any kind of image using the Adobe illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, CorelDraw, etc. These are some popular software which are used specially for all types of Photo Editing Services. With these clipping path services you can create a proper outline around the object that is to be requisitioned from the rest of the pixels or area.
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